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About Us

We are a group of passionate software professionals who love creating software products.

We love building products across all platforms. All our products are built as web services so that we can have web site, iphone app & Android app for each product. Our team believes in designing & developing scalable products. We help non-profits by giving them any technical help at no cost. That's our way of giving back to the community.

  • IOS apps development.
  • Android apps development.
  • Web apps development.
  • Web services.
  • Mentoring.


Family Blog

Share your life moments among your family members. One place to preserve your memories within the family.

Algo Trading Studio

Easy alerting for stocks that you want to monitor and get alerted on. Alerts about different stock trends at one place.

Shweta Angne Blog

Integrative Holistic Health Coach. To know about how health coaching can benefit you, schedule an initial consultation with me today!

Live Device Lab

Live Device Lab platform offers worldwide 24x7 instant access to a diverse testing methodology through a customizable & flexible web interface for it’s clients to test their mobile apps.

Uno Rater

A human rating service for machine learning tasks. Specifically focus on image classification use cases starting with binary classification questions. All the raters will be tracked and paid a fixed unit per task.

Hire My Buddy

Help your friends find jobs. Be their champions!. If you're looking for jobs, register and add your champions who can refer you. We will connect you to all recruiters who are contacting your champions.

Project Manager

One place to keep track of all your projects. Share the projects you've created with your team members. This app can also be used for collaboration & communication between project stakeholders.


An online portal for educational institutions that has features like accounting for administrative tasks like fees tracking per student. The platform also provides a valuable learning tool for students and teachers to interact over course subjects.

Marathon Races

Never miss a marathon race that is happening in your area. Using this app, you can keep track of different marathon running races in your location. You can also explore different races happening around the world.

Image To App

Create your application prototype from images just by uploading images, linking 'hem to one another and playing it. Get a skeletal representation of your application with this framework.

My Mentor

An application where you can chat with founders, business managers, entrepreneur, doctors, I.T. professional, etc. and discuss your queries with them.

Expense Manager

A simple accounting program that helps individuals manage their finances. This app help you balance your checkbook and keep track of investments.

My Customers

This application is designed to help businesses meet the overall goals of customer relationship management.

Society Management

Mobile cloud portal for efficent management of your society with ethical values of honesty, transparency & social responsibilty.